Electra Elated to Welcome Paul Chung as Vice President of Client Services

August 26, 2016

Here at Electra, we are thrilled to have Paul Chung on our team in the inaugural role of Vice President of Client Services. Years of constant client growth and expansion in the application of our products and services, have created the undeniable need for Paul – an accomplished industry expert who will fully embrace Electra’s dedication to a superlative client experience. He comes to us with much welcomed zeal and fresh ideas for the future of Electra’s clients.
Expect a blog entry from Paul soon!

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Electra Reconciliation – The Beauty of Customized Filters

August 05, 2016

The use of filters serve as helpful tools for the data reconciliation process as it allows for data conditioning before the reconciliation step begins. There are wide ranges of data filtering techniques that aid in the refining of data sets. In Electra Reconciliation, administrators have access to the table browser, which displays the table and column names along with data type, length and a brief description of the tables within the database. By cross referencing this table to the workspace, users can use the underlying logic to better customize filters to meet their specifications.

(Steve Delgado, Senior Application Engineer)

Table browser w/ underlying elements for holdings table:

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Two is better than one!

July 15, 2016

Electra Wins Best Reconciliation Management Provider in Waters Rankings 2016

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Electra Data+ — New files for TLM

July 01, 2016

A new client that uses TLM for reconciliation asked us to develop files to load into the latest version of TLM.  Our current group of clients that use TLM have us convert files into SWIFT MT535 and MT950 messages in order to load into TLM.  For this latest version of TLM, we developed 3 new pipe delimited files per TLM’s requirements.  This was the first time we developed a transaction file that also contained the opening and closing balances on every transaction record.

(Andy Gnibus, Manager of Data Services)

New TLM Files

SOT – Security Transactions
SOP – Security Positions
SOC – Cash Transactions and Cash balances

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Electra Billing — Integration Equals Benefits

June 12, 2016

A New York City-based Institutional Manager using Electra Data to feed audited market data values from their custodians into Electra Billing is realizing the benefits that the integration these products can bring.  The automated loading of reconciled/audited market values is decreasing the time needed to invoice clients, and reducing manual steps at the same time.  Additionally, Electra Billing’s message notification alerts clients as the market value data is loaded. The client reports that this real-time communication from Electra Billing is vital to the timely execution of their billing cycle.

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Electra Billing — Utilization of the Subset & Floor Functionality

May 30, 2016

One of our institutional investment managers has expressed a need to calculate fees for a group of accounts in a household, but with a slight twist. The functionality for grouping accounts is native to Electra Billing—the added twist being the need to calculate sub-groups within the household in a specific sequence and furthermore, ensuring that specific accounts bear the brunt of the lower tier fees. Utilizing the Subset & Floor functionality within Electra Billing, our client was able to satisfy the new request, and calculate the accounts in the exact sequence needed. This functionality is referred to as Stacking & Tiering, which is also native to Electra Billing. The client was thrilled to learn they could accommodate this request seamlessly and without the need for any special development.

(Doug Fritz, Product Manager — Electra Billing)

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Ohhh what a night!

May 18, 2016

Electra Wins Best Reconciliation Solution in the FTF News Technology Innovation Awards 2016

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Electra Reconciliation — Matching Fixed Income Transactions

May 02, 2016

An Electra Reconciliation client called the help desk this week concerned about not being able to match fixed income transactions.  In this case the bank sends principal and interest as separate transactions and the clients accounting system only produces one record containing both values.  This is a common occurrence for reconciliation clients and we resolve this issue by helping the client configure the application to split manager side transactions, thus enabling a successful match. (Steve Weinberg, Director of Support)

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Electra for the Win!

April 25, 2016

Electra Wins Best Reconciliation Solution in the FTF News Technology Innovation Awards 2016

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Electra Settlements — Broker Direct

April 04, 2016

An alternative investment client managing distressed credit-related investments in North America & Europe asked us if they could separate trade notifications that Electra Settlements sends to their brokers via email into two files, one with new trades, the other with revised and canceled trades.  The Electra Settlements support team walked the client through the customizable features of our Broker Direct notification module, configuring it to send separate reports for new and revised/canceled trades along with the ability to customize the subject line on each email notification going out to the brokers.

(Brian Prioleau, Manager of Settlement Solutions)

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Tammy L. Johnson, Globeflex Capital L.P.


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